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5 Features Good Ecommerce Hosts Should Offer

Today, with faster internet services, 3G, 4G, advanced and affordable touch devices, you can literally carry the world in your pockets. Just one touch on the device and you get the jobs done in a jiffy - online banking, form submissions, ticket bookings, registrations, news, and of course shopping- the most trending online practice. Internet has completely transformed the way of living and even the lifestyles of people around the world. We can order anything from the comfort of our home,…


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Internet of Things calls for preparation of Data Centers

Internet is the medium to keep people connected and communicate with each other. But now utility of internet has reached beyond the ‘person-to-person’ communication. Now, the Internet will also connect a network of several objects through which data can be collected and integrated for better efficiency and accuracy.

Wikipedia explains IoT as the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects…


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Top 5 Advantages of a High-Performance Dedicated Server

The marketplace of hosting providers is populated with me too products, and there is little differentiation in their positioning. Search for ‘Dedicated Servers’ on Google and you will see a series of ads along with the top organically ranked domains. A little research into the top links points towards a gap between the benefits customers are looking for and the features these sites talk about.


Customers are not interested in buying features, they are paying money to reap…


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Software-Defined Infrastructure: Tomorrow's Data Center Today

Data Centre Companies in India is growing enormously, attracting many foreign IT investments in the nation. A recent report by Gartner says that data center infrastructure market in India will reach $2 Billion by 2016. The volume itself speaks about the promising future of Indian data centers. Moreover, the cloud storage market here is forecasted to cross $307 Million in 2016 that means a 3 percent hike from…


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Dedicated Server Hosting VS Colocation Server Hosting: Which is Better?

Before I start telling you the difference between dedicated server hosting and colocation server hosting, I want that you should be familiar with the terms dedicated & Colocation hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting: in a dedicated server there is only one machine in a network and it is looked after by a hosting company. It is adjustable as it allows us to settle on the workings like hardware,…


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Breaking Design Barriers With #DataCenter Engineering Simulation

Screenshot 2015-09-08 12.52.25

Previously on:

Presented at DCD15 San Francisco – To scale up and out, Vapor IO is adopting a holistic approach to physical design that starts at the chip and ends at the Datacenter Facility. Cole Crawford, CEO,…


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Benefits of combining Virtualization and Colocation Servers

Data centers are on a constant drive for expanding their capacity and efficiency. This is one of the prime reasons data center solution providers are working towards innovative hybrid technologies, by leveraging the capabilities of legacy resources. One of such hybridizations is related to the combination of data center colocation and virtualization technology. Both the technologies are exceptional, therefore, unifying their capabilities lead to greater resource efficiency. Moreover,…


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Internet of Things (IoT) - Its Growing Impact on Data Centers

We are living in times where Internet of Things is keeping us all wirelessly wired and so connected every moment. To name a few, IoT objects like smart devices, smart homes and wearables is what everyone is looking forward to. It is revolutionizing the way people do and understand things and business by greatly influencing the industries and the world at large in the most unimaginable ways.

As Internet of Things has made an evolutionary leap from ‘Internet of Things’ to getting its…


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Understanding Dedicated Server Hosting Fundamentals

Dedicated servers are rather complex solution which needs some time before you can adapt to it. The basic step is to understand why to go for this server and what advantages does it provide over other servers. In order to do first you need to get familiar with the technical terms that will come up once you are running it.

1)    The very first thing that I will do is explain to what does dedicated server hosting mean?…


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How to find out about Baas Solution Advantages

We are living in the information age where every day newer technologies emerge and evolve. One of such emerging concepts is BaaS, i.e. Backend-as-a-service. Many of us have heard of IaaS, Paas and SaaS cloud solutions, but BaaS is a fresh cloud based backend solution. This article is about this unique service, which has been designed especially for the mobile application developers and currently has…


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