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Know the Pros and Cons of Dedicated Servers

Internet is driving the world! You can find that plenty of business owners are inclining towards selling their products and providing the services through internet so as to serve their customers suitably by earning higher profits. Well! When it comes to online business, a server is an important aspect that cannot be overlooked. A server is a computer program or a device that enables the programs and devices to perform better and efficiently so as to carry out the operational processes of the…


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Fascinating Features of Cloud CDN Service Providers

Cloud-based content delivery networks are efficient systems that distribute different types of web content to end-users. It leverages strategically located edge servers for the speedy and real-time delivery of the content.

Understanding fundamentals of CDN

Cloud CDN service providers ensure that the data is seamlessly accessed by mitigating latency and augmenting bandwidth. CDN service can deliver a wide variety of web content including:

•    Live…


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Reinforcing Security Features for Next-Gen Cloud

New cloud services demand new security solutions. The evolving cloud landscape is paving the way for modern and more sophisticated technology. Among the advancing infrastructure, the security features need to upgrade as well. The traditional security functions such as firewall and other endpoint protection have…


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Linux: An evolving trend that is high on demand

Earlier, Linux was a thing for tech geeks that used to admire working on the operating system and speak of its ingenious advantages. In the current era, where more user-friendly technologies are initiated, Linux remained as a slot for the tech fanatic. Now the scenario has changed and Linux is outgrowing its reaches to bridge the gap between their domain and…


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Go4Hosting Offering Clients Free Demo On Dedicated Server Hosting

With performance driven computing resources, comprehensive control and flexibility features, Go4Hosting’s dedicated server is guaranteeing clients, matchless website performance.

Dedicated server hosting, as the name implies is dedicated exclusively to a client and is not shared among multiple users. The client can select its own operating system and hardware components according to its business requirements.…


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Web Werks Offer -Get 15 Days Free Trial on our Virtual Private Servers

Sign-up Try VPS in The Cloud Hosting for Free , with free setup. Web Werks is India largest Tier IV data center provider company. We may be one of the largest hosting companies, but we are so sure about our 24/7/365 support our Sales Person  will personally help you if you have any problems.…


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Web Werks installs Google Cache Servers to improve Internet Experience for Indian Customers

Web Werks, Tier III and Tier IV data center provider in India, have installed Google Cache Servers aimed at revamping its network infrastructure and improving Internet experience for its Indian audience.…


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NetApp Announces ONTAP 9 software defined storage management

NetApp Announces ONTAP 9 software defined storage management

server storage I/O trends

NetApp has announced ONTAP 9 the latest version or generation of their storage software that defines and powers ONTAP storage systems and appliances (e.g. those known by some as FAS among others).

The major theme of ONTAP 9 is simple anywhere eluding…


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Does server location matter in hosting?

In this fast paced world, managing your business website locally is quite a daunting and intimidating task which can be accomplished without facing any kind of hassles and technical issues, if the server is placed in the other corner of the world. Today, you can stay and run your business in America while hosting its website in India or any other nation across the world. Well! As the technology is evolving by leaps and bounds, it has become an easier task for the business owners to deal… Continue

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Data Centers Need To Acquire New IT Skill Sets for Cloud Migration

Companies planning to make the big shift need to obtain the new IT skill sets for cloud migration module to work seamlessly. Moving to the cloud requires an advanced level of automation and organizations that lack these paradigms are more likely to face challenges during the transition.…


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Myths You Probably Don’t Know About Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconvergence is an integration of compute and virtualization resources in a single server system. As efficient as it could be, the goal is to minimize the complexities and simplify management approach.

Nevertheless, a newly emerged concept, hyperconvergence is often misinterpreted and the conclusion created is mostly wrong. It’s not their fault though,…


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500Gbps DDoS Protection Dedicated Servers Now Available at Rad Web Hosting

In today’s Internet, preparation is key. The level of preparation businesses and organizations employ oftentimes determine their future. Keeping up with the increasing frequency and size of DDoS attacks is a responsible measure that will prevent untold damages to a business’s assets and reputation. In order to continually offer the best possible Enterprise Services to clients, Rad…


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Go4Hosting Reputation Soars As The Leading Web Hosting Service Wins The Coveted Best Customer Service Award

Go4Hosting, the premier web hosting provider in India has been awarded the best customer service award. It is a commendable achievement as the company operates in the highly competitive web hosting service industry and would have had to deliver something really special and spectacular to be bestowed this coveted award.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have won the best customer service award because customer service is the core principle on which the company operates,” says the CEO Ahuj…


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